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ESF GmbH is committed to truth. This is especially important in times when truth untruly tends to be considered as a "private opinion". Truth has one solid basis in the natural sciences. It has an other equally important solid basis in the revealed religion and in related philosophy. Each basis will finally lead to the "same" and only truth. Thus please do not expect that ESF GmbH, acting as a consultant, will accept to claim untruth or misapprehension, just because a customer would like to have it. As humans never are perfect, we also stick to the rule, to correct errors we made.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer

         Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer


ITS Bavaria

Sollten Sie an Information in Deutsch interessiert sein, rufen Sie uns bitte unter +49 7344 175340 an.

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The company Elektrische Signalverarbeitung Dr.Fischer GmbH (ESF) was founded in 1997. Owner and director is Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer.

ESF GmbH is providing various services in the domains:

  • Paperwork
  • Personal Computer Networks & Software
  • Engineering
  • Scientific Research
  • Testing
  • Small series production

For more details please select the tab "Services".

In order to meet our customer's requirements efficiently, we cooperate with other small and medium scale enterprises - establishing by this a virtual enterprise.


The office is located at:

Central office:

Fichtenweg 9 - Asch
89143 Blaubeuren
+49 7344 175 340
Fax: +49 7344 919 123
E-Post: info (a t)

WGS84 coordinates: N48 26.271 E9 49.467

How to reach us ...

For accommodation we recommend Hotel Ochsen at 6 km distance from our office.

Software development:

Blumenstraße 19
72827 Wannweil
+49 7121 383 6893

E-Post: software (a t)


  1. Consultancy for Intelligent Transport Systems and Electronic Fee/Toll Collection
  2. Standardisation at e.g. DIN, CEN, ETSI, ISO, IEEE) - expertise in editing standards and chairing working group sessions
  3. Expertises on communications and radar
  4. Production of documentations in German and English based on raw material.
  5. Translation of technical documents from English to German, and from German to English.

Personal Computer Networks & Software

  1. Microsoft Back Office installation and support
  2. Maintenance for Microsoft Networks
  3. Customer-specific softeware design and development with VB.NET, MS SQL Server
  4. VB6 to VB.NET porting of existing software
  5. Implementing TSE according to KassenSichV in VB.NET software
  6. Customer-specific adaptation of our existing software
    1. CRM (Customer relation management), ERP (Enterprise resource plannung), PPS (Production planning and control) (WINFAKT)
    2. Camping-site administration (CAMPLA PRO)

Engineering - Software Development

  1. Scientific applications
  2. Webdesign
  3. µ-controller, signal processors

Engineering - Hardware Development

  1. Customized digital circuits, e.g. with microcontollers, signal processors
  2. Dedicated hardware for testing, e.g. in anechoic chambers

Scientific Research

  1. Scientific studies
  2. Numerical simulations


  1. TTCN-3 test suite development and execution
  2. Agilent VEE test suite development (will be deprecated)
  3. Field trials in Intelligent Transport Systems and Road Tolling (Design and implementation, Performance, Evaluation )

Virtual enterprise established with companies providing complementary skill - fulfillment from one source!

  1. Design and development of digital and analogue circuits, including radio frequency circuits and automotive environment.
  2. Small series production
  • C-ITS
  • DSRC
  • EFC
  • GPIB
  • Summary of activities

Cooperative Intelligen Transport Systems

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are being developed at various SDOs in a joint approach in order to merge the various "silo ITS applications" under one common cooperative platform which was originally developed at ISO TC204 WG16 ("the CALM group"). The CALM group introduced the concecpt of a "Bounded Secured Managed Domain" in ISO 21217, which is now being used for C-ITS.

Cooperative ITS can be defined as follows:

C-ITS Definition


In case you need support for your C-ITS project, please do not hesitate to contact info (at)

Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC)Europa

DSRC was a standardization project at CEN TC278 WG9:

  • EN 12253 DSRC Physical Layer
  • EN 12795 DSRC Data Link Layer
  • EN 12834 DSRC Application Layer
  • EN 13372 DSRC Profiles

ETSI provided standards for conformance testing:

  • EN 300 674 Part 1: General characteristics and test methods for Road Side Units (RSU) and On-Board Units (OBU)
  • EN 300 674 Part 2: Harmonized EN under 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive; Sub-part 1: Requirements for the RSU
  • EN 300 674 Part 2: Harmonized EN under 3.2 of the R&TTE Directive; Sub-part 2: Requirements for the OBU

Thiese harmonized standards are registered in the official list of harmonized standards of the European Commission.

  • TS 102 486: Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS); Road Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT); Test specifications for Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) transmission equipment;
    Part 1: DSRC data link layer: medium access and logical link control;
        Sub-Part 1:
    Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma specification
        Sub-Part 2: Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP)
        Sub-Part 3: Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and partial PIXIT proforma
    Part 2: DSRC application layer;
        Sub-Part 1: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma specification
        Sub-Part 2: Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP)
        Sub-Part 3: Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and partial PIXIT proforma

ESF GmbH was involved in the development of all parts of these DSRC base / profile / test standards, partly as member of a CEN project team or as member of an ETSI STF (Specialist Task Force).

Electronic Fee Collection (EFC)

ESF GmbH was and still is involved in several real EFC implementations in Europe.

The Europe Commission together with CEN TC278 WG1 developed a harmonized European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) considering

  • the well established CEN DSRC technology
  • GNSS/CN as currently being in use in Germany
  • the Italian Telepass technology, which is similar to CEN DSRC.

Such a harmonized service beneficially can be implemented as a C-ITS service on ITS in-vehicle platforms and ITS roadside platforms. This allows to reduce significantly the price of equipment related to EFC, and at the same time providing added-value services in the car.

General Purpose Interface Bus

This was a hardware and software development project of ESF GmbH in cooperation with IEB GmbH.

The universal interface GPIB-A1 together with a dual stepper drive module is in successful operation at NARDA Safety Test Solutions GmbH in several RF measurement set-ups including anechoic chambers with very high field strength. The stepper drives control position and movement of antennas.

Stepper drive

This is a useful device for physical layer measurements of any radio equipment. The basic interface provides digital I/O lines at TTL levels. Please check the manual.

Control of the GPIB instruments is done via the Agilent VEE software. ESF GmbH is a registered VEE developer using VEE 7.

Please contact info (at) for further details.

Summary of activities at ESF GmbH

  • Conformance testing and certification of C-ITS equipment.
  • Consultancy for
    • Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS)
    • Communications in ITS
    • Applications and application support (facilities) in ITS.
    • Road Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT),
    • Dedicated Short Range Communication (CEN/ETSI-DSRC and Telepass)
    • Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) for both DSRC and GNSS/CN
    • TTCN-3 test suites for ITS
    • Radio Local Area Networks and Field Bus Systems (CAN, LON)
    • ISDN via packet radio
  • Edition of book "Dedicated Short Range Communication - DSRC - A tutorial".
  • Member of DIN GK717 (Road Telematics), DIN GK717 AK1 (DSRC), AK9 (Electronic Fee Collection), AK15 (eCall), AK16 (C-ITS), AK17 (Mobility Integration).
  • Member of CEN TC278 WG1 (Electronic Fee Collection), WG2 (Freight and Fleet Management Systems), WG9 (DSRC), WG15 (eCall), WG16 (C-ITS), WG17 (Mobility Integration).
    • Editor of EN ISO 17419 "Globally unique identifiers".
    • Editor of EN ISO 17423 "ITS application requirements for selection of communication profiles".
    • Editor of EN ISO 18750 "Local dynamic map"
  • Member of ISO TC204 WG4 (Automatic Vehicle and Equipment Identification), WG5 (Electronic Fee Collection), WG16 (Communications), WG18 (C-ITS), WG17 (Mobility integration)
  • Expert at ETSI.
    • Active contribution to ETSI ERM, ETSI ERM TG29 and TG37.
    • Active contribution to ETSI ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and its WGs.
      • Editor of TR 102 707 "ITS; ETSI object identifier tree; ITS domain"
      • Editor of TS 102 723-1 "ITS; OSI cross-layer topics; Part 1: Architecture and addressing schemes"
      • Editor of TS 102 723-2 "ITS; OSI cross-layer topics; Part 2: Management information base"
      • Editor of TS 102 723-3 "ITS; OSI cross-layer topics; Part 3: Interface between management entity and access layer"
      • Editor of TS 102 723-4 "ITS; OSI cross-layer topics; Part 4: Interface between management entity and networking & transport layer"
      • Editor of TS 102 723-5 "ITS; OSI cross-layer topics; Part 5: Interface between management entity and facilities layer"
      • Editor of TS 102 760-1,/-2, /-3 on test suite for ISO 21218
      • Editor of TS 102 985-1, /-2, /-3 (doc, ttcn3) on test suite for ISO 29281
      • Editor of TS 102 797-1, /-2, /-3 (doc, ttcn3). Three parts on test suite for ISO 24102
      • Editor of TS 102 860 "ITS; Classification and management of applications"
      • Editor of TS 102 965 "ITS; Application object identifier (ITS-AID); Registration list"
      • Editor of EN 302 665 "ITS; Communications architecture" (approx. a copy of ISO 21217)
      • Editor of TR 101 611 on Test suite validation of ISO 24102 and ISO 29281
      • Editor of TR 103 101 on Test suite validation of ISO 21218
      • Editor of TR 103 403 on Mitigation techniques to avoid interference between equipment compliant with EN 200 674 1 and ITS operating in the 5 GHz frequency range
      • Co-editor of EG 202 798 "ITS; Testing; Framework"
    • Vice-chairman of WG2 (Architecture)
  • Member / leader of ETSI Specialist Task Forces
  • Leader of the following CEN TC278 Project Teams funded by the European Commission
    • PT1601 on ITS application management in the global context.
    • PT1605
    • PT1704 on
  • Member of the CEN TC278 Project Teams
    • PT1604 on the Local Dynamic Map for global applicability in C-ITS
    • PT1508 on "eCall via an ITS station unit"
    • PT1703 on "Location referencing"
    • PT1705
    • PT1707
    • PT1710
  • Member of the EU/US task force harmonization task groups HTG1, HTG3, and HTG7. Editor of the HTG3-1 deliverable. The whole set of deliverables is publicly available.
  • Member of IEEE and IEEE-SA.
    • Editor of draft IEEE 1609.3 rev 3.
    • Chairman of 1609 PSID sub-group (works on harmonized understanding of ITS-AID and PSID, and a common registry)
  • Work on selected issues of IEEE 802.11 relevant for ITS.
  • Investigations in coexistence of ITS 5 GHz communications with the Italian HDR-DSRC EFC system.
  • Consultation and Engineering for the EU project CVIS - validation of CALM.
  • Independent evaluator for the EU funded research project RCI "Pan-European EFC service" conducted by ERTICO.
  • Development of test software for communication systems using Python.
  • Specification of DSRC (µW and IR) for the German truck tolling enforcement system including test specifications.
  • Conformance verification of Italian Dual-Protocol Chip-Set for EFC - DSRC and TELEPASS.
  • Test specification for the DSRC/TELEPASS protocol implemented in the Dual-Protocol Chip-Set.
  • Specification of DSRC and EFC for the Norwegian Road Tolling System AutoPASS.
  • Contribution to the DSRC and EFC test specification for the Norwegian Road Tolling System AutoPASS.
  • Revision of the DSRC and EFC specification and test specification for the Norwegian Road Tolling System AutoPASS with respect to pan-European Interoperability of EFC applications and multiple communications / EFC protocols.
  • Design and Development of the Microwave Dedicated Short Range Radio Data Link FP99. Prototype Realization and Field Trials.
  • Design and Development of the Microwave Dedicated Short Range Radio Link PIGEON for the pan-European digital tachograph EFS2000. Prototype Realization and Field Trials.
  • System Design for a pan-European Traffic Management System.
  • System Design for Military Microwave Links.
  • Basic Research on Communications and Numerical Simulations of radio links and radio systems.
  • System Design for Millimetrewave Battlefield Communications and Spread Spectrum Technology.
  • System Design for a Military Body Area Network.
  • Design and Implementation of Algorithms for a Digital Receiver for AIS.
  • Numerical Simulations and Embedded System Programming.
  • Embedded System Programming for GSM Mobile Phone Tests.
  • Embedded System Programming for an Emergency Telephone System for Train Applications.
  • Embedded System Programming for a High Frequency Communication Link.
  • Embedded System Programming for Military Microwave Links.
  • Spread Spectrum Algorithms in C at LINUX.
  • Speech Synthesizer Design for GSM Automotive Application.
  • Visual C/C++ Programming. Crypto-Coder.
  • Visual C/C++ Programming. Control Interfaces for Radio Systems.
  • Visual Basic Programming. Office Software.
  • HP-VEE Control Interfaces for Instruments. Mainly control of instruments in RF measurement chambers. HP-IB Interface modulare interface board with stepper drives.

"Virtual enterprise" of ESF GmbH

ESF GmbH operates in a virtual enterprise together with other organisations merging complementary expertise together. This allows to run complex projects, where the customer just has one single contact. The list is not complete. The composition of the virtual factory is dynamic.

  • ESF GmbH
  • IEB GmbH
  • LECIT Consulting s.r.l.

Elektrische Signalverarbeitung Dr. Fischer GmbH Germany


Our Virtual Enterprise is a "dynamic group" of SMEs. We have relations with

  • IEB GmbH
  • LECIT Consulting s.r.l.
  • and others

Ingenieur Elektronik Benad GmbH Germany


IEB GmbH is an electronics company in Saxonia.

We combine experiences in the areas of:

  • Traffic Telematics / Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Measurement Technique
  • Automatisation Technique

We are engineering service providers for:

  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Customer specific system development
  • Small series production .

LECIT Consulting s.r.l. Italy


Lecit Consulting s.r.l. is an independent consultancy company.

Main areas of interest and competence of the company are:

  • Application architectures
  • Information security
  • Testing
  • Content management systems and Electronic Commerce
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Main activities of Lecit Consulting in the past couple of years were::

  • ITS
  • Road Transport and Traffic Telematics
  • Electronic Fee Collection
  • Standardization
  • Testing.


Please visit our news page.


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