ESF offers conformance test suite development

Conformance test suite specifications include three documents and an electronic annex:

A base standard cannot be considered to be complete, consistent and error-free as long as the conformance test suite was not developed, implemented in a test platform, and validated against an implementation. In order to ensure a sufficiently high level of quality of base standards the test suite work needs to be done.

ESF GmbH and partners assist you in achieving a high level of quality of your base standard and offer the complete development of test suites incl. implemenatation in a test platform and validation. The result will be standard documents, typically Technical Specifications and Technical Reports, using the template of any SDO, e.g. CEN, ETSI, ISO. We can also support you to get your test suite standardized in the SDO of your choice.

In case you are not interested in standardized test suites, we can also assist you similarly to run your company's internal test projects.

For further details please contact Dr. Fischer.