Wireless interrogation of Digital Tachographs

3. June 2014

EFS 2000

ESF GmbH re-started to work on the Digital Tachograph!

The first project of ESF GmbH in 1979 was a contribution to the German research project "Digitaler Fahrtschreiber System EFS 2000" on the digital tachograph with focus on a 2,45 GHz single-hop radio link to interrogate a digital tachograph from a roadside unit. Those days the remote interrogation was considered to be illegal and thus further work stopped.

Recently, CEN TC278 reactivated its WG2 on Freight and Fleet Management with a work item on remote interrogation of the digital tachograph. ESF GmbH will contribute to this work.


Please contact us to learn more about digital tachographs and remote interrogation using DSRC..