Proliferation of standards market

7. August 2014

SDOsSuccessful global introduction of C-ITS requires consensus on applicable standards. Proliferation by competing standards from various standards organizations is counterproductive. For production of further C-ITS standards ESF GmbH thus is now focusing on the global "advocate" on ITS, which is the governmental SDO ISO, and its TC204. Activities in NGO SDOs seem to create and protect local markets with non-interoperable products.

New work items for the joint development of standards by ISO and CEN based on the Vienna agreement are performed under ISO lead which is a clear sign to support global markets.

The NGO IEEE is mainly providing standards on access technologies, which are adapted to the ITS station architecture specified in ISO 21217 and the series of management standards ISO 24102-x. An example is the adaptation of the 802.11 technology in ISO 21215.

The NGO ETSI mainly is helpful for the purpose of testing. ETSI CTI is one of the standards experts on TTCN-3 test suites for conformance testing. CEN/ISO also have experience in developing such test suites. Initial activities to create and maintain a C-ITS test platform were done by ETSI. CEN and ISO are building pillars on top of this basement.

The NGO SAE is developing data specifications (so-called message sets: an example is the Basic Safety Message BSM). ETSI TC ITS developed similar and competing data specifications (Cooperative Awareness Message CAM, and Decentralized Environmental Notification Message DENM). Both approaches are driven by users who like to have their own applications and data, which to some extend jeopardizes the global approach and the cooperative feature of ITS.

ITU is a new-comer with no experience in ITS.

Attempts to harmonize between the SDOs are slow with so far little success. The process of harmonization is actively supported by ESF GmbH according to the views of the real governmental decision makers in the EU, USA, Japan, ....

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