New office for software development

19. August 2015

ESF GmbH opened a new office at Blumenstraße 19 in 72827 Wannweil / Germany. This office is lead by Mr. Jürgen Fischer, Senior Software Engineer. Jürgen Fischer has experience in customer-specific software for Microsoft Windows (Visual Basic, Back Office, SQL server applications). Other software developments are also offered, e.g. C / C++ for microcontrollers and signal processors.

In case you are interested, please contact us and present your needs.

ESF GmbH is committed to truth.
This is especially important in times when truth untruly tends to be considered as a "private opinion".
Truth has one solid basis in the natural sciences.
It has an other equally important solid basis in the revealed religion and in related philosophy.
Each basis will finally lead to the "same" and only truth.