ESF GmbH contributes to the development of standards for technologies that can support the "Secure Vehicle Interface" (SVI).


PT1605PT1605 developed standards on ITS technologies that can support the "Secure Vehicle Interface" (SVI). The SVI is a bi-directional gateway allowing secured interactions between an ITS station (ISO 21217) and a vehicle's sensor and control network.

The relevant standards of general applicabiliy are:

- TS 21184 on the "General Transport Data Management" (GTDM framework

- TS 21177 on secure sessions

- TS 17496 on communication profiles.

These standards are already validated by implementation, and real-life demonstrations were given in Las Vegas already in 2019.

These technologies increasingly raise interest by major stakeholders in the European Union. A first webinar with DG GROW was successfully performed in July 2020 with major contributions from PT 1605. A "demo-webinar is now announced to be held on 8. September 2020. Details can be found on the web page of PT1605 in the section on webinars.